Script For User Self Enrolling In Jamf Pro Testing Group

Recently someone asked me how you could handle getting users who are willing to test new software/policies/config profiles, etc, to self enroll their own computers without needing an administrator’s intervention or giving a user access to the Jamf Pro Server.

I happened to have a script I wrote a while ago that allows a user to do just this. In short you use an extension attribute with pre-populated choices of groups they might want to add their computer to. The script pulls these values live every time via the API so you don’t have modify the script every time you want to modify the list of groups the user can choose.

The script then pops up a Tkinter window that presents the user with a drop down list of those choices from the extension attribute, the user makes their choice, and the choice is written back to their computer’s inventory record in the Jamf server.

From there you can create smart groups with criteria that matches specific values in that extension attribute and then scope to machines that fall into those groups.

I’ve added the script and basic directions to github. You can find it here:

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